Could a Motorcycle Be an Option?

If you are looking to save on gas, why not consider a motorcycle? Due to their low weight, they have potential to use much less fuel. Two things working against motorcycle fuel economy are the fact that most have very high power to weight ratios and run their engines at RPMs much too high to be efficient. Also motorcycles have a bad aerodynamic profile. But if you get a bike with a small engine (say 50cc) and drive it slowly to avoid air resistance, you can easily get close to 1.00 gallon per hundred miles.

They are riskier to drive though. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in 2006 the fatality rate per mile was 3 times higher for motorcycles than cars. Also the cargo and passenger capacity is much less. There is also the inconvenience of uncomfortable weather, like rain or extreme cold.

If you find yourself making a lot of solo trips without cargo or passengers in good weather and calm traffic you might be able to save a lot on gas by making them driving slowly on your small bike. You could buy the bike in addition to maintaining your old vehicle. You have lots of used scooter and small bike options for under $3000. Why not think about it?

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