Road Rage: Just Say No!

Smooth driving that minimizes start and stop acceleration and braking and slower driving that minimizes air resistance are the keys to save on gas. Driving aggressively means you will wind up speeding up to the light and then slamming on the brakes, speeding and accelerating and braking constantly while weaving through traffic. It will reduce your gas mileage a lot, especially on the highway where you normally have a good chance of being able to maintain a steady, moderate speed. Aggressive driving is also less safe.

If you often find yourself pressured and stressed while driving think about how to calm down. Try leaving earlier to reduce "deadline pressure". Put soft relaxing music on. Avoid music that pumps you up. If being hungry makes you edgy, then always eat something before a long commute or trip. Have your morning coffee before getting behind the wheel. Don't let other drivers get to you. The competition is not against them but rather against the gas pump. Remember who the enemy really is. Slow down, calm down and you can be safer while saving on gas!

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