End of the Hummer

So it looks like GM (Government Motors as they say) has decided to end the Hummer. In the newly dawning world of expensive gas there is no place for such a gas guzzler. As people began to realize this fact coupled with the current Greater Depression they simply stopped buying Hummers. They also stopped buying the other overly heavy fuel inefficient models offered by Detroit. Detroit's long term plan was based on profits from exactly these gas guzzlers, so they made and marketed many such models. The Hummer was iconic as representing this strategy taken to an extreme.

GM tried to trick the Chinese into buying the Hummer, but in the end China was too smart for that. In fact, when it comes to gas mileage and efficient fuel use, the US is among the dumbest countries around. China has shown a much better record recently and their refusal to buy the Hummer is a confirmation of that.

Good riddance to the gas guzzling Hummer. The US simply cannot afford to waste fuel like that in the expensive oil years ahead.

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