One Person Commuter Cars

Here is another vision of a gas sipping future. According to Rick Woodbury, inventor and developer of the Commuter Car 88% of all cars doing the daily haul in to work carry one person. That means that most of the road space in the morning and evening commutes is being taken up by empty seats. His solution is a small, one person electric vehicle that is not much larger than a big motorcycle. It has an energy usage equivalent to using 1.0 gallons per hundred miles (GPHM) which is good. It also has a price tag of $120,000 which is bad.

Although a one person vehicle selling at more than a hundred thousand is never going to become the commuting choice of the masses, the concept gives us a glimpse of what a fuel economy conscious future could look like. I believe that to get high fuel economy we will turn to a range of cheap vehicles each designed to perform one and only one function very efficiently. It is possible that we will see something like these single occupant electric cars widely used to get to and from work in the not so distant future.

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