Ride On Nitrogen Initiative

Nitrogen in your tires can provide some benefits. Nitrogen does not leak out of your tires as fast as oxygen, so filling tires with pure nitrogen can help pressure retention. This means if you forget to check your tire pressure regularly you are less likely to drive on underinflated tires. And with the busy schedules of today, most people have trouble regularly checking their tire pressure. Of course regular air is 78% nitrogen already, so you cannot expect gigantic changes. Only the 22% that is not nitrogen is leaking out faster.

The second advantage of nitrogen is that it is less temperature sensitive than pure air. The temperature will be lower when you first start driving than after some road time. That means at the start of your trip you will be effectively driving on underinflated tires. That costs gas and increases tire wear. Pure nitrogen tires will suffer less from this effect, reducing the cold start underinflation penalty.

The video explains how an American picture frame manufacturing company is encouraging their employees to fill their vehicle tires with pure nitrogen. It also talks about the benefits of using pure nitrogen. Aside from the gas mileage aspects of nitrogen, the video shows how far back Detroit has fallen. When the nation has to count on picture frame manufacturers to promote fuel economy measures what does that say about Detroit's ability to survive in the future?

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