CNN Shows It's Picks for the Cars of the Future

The Big Three US automakers are struggling today. Their structure, philosophy and product lines date from the era when crude oil was plentiful and cheap. Now, facing a future of stagnant or shrinking crude oil production rates and rapidly growing consumption, they are in danger of disappearing. They might be able to adapt, but often what happens in industry is that the old giants cannot change their ways in time to adapt to new circumstances and a new generation takes over. CNN Money reviews six small car producers that they think might form the seeds of this new generation. Amongst them we find:

  • A company converting the Prius to run on only electricity; that is convert it from a hybrid (HEV) to a fully electric vehicle (EV).
  • A company making electric delivery vans. Delivery vans are a perfect concept for being replaced with electric vehicles because they can be plugged in overnight in their depots which removes charging time concerns. Also their predetermined routes mitigate against range problems.
  • A boat company which converts motorcycles into small open three wheel neighborhood carts.
  • A company that is planning to make a lightweight plastic and aluminum police cruiser.

Whether any of these small companies will have success in the years to come is impossible to say. Their products may well be crowded out by the Aptera or even the Tata Nano. But it is becoming more and more obvious that leadership in the automotive world is passing out of the Detroit camp and into new territory.

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