Pew Campaign for Fuel Economy

The Pew Campaign for Fuel Efficiency is a website put together by the Pew Charitable Trusts Foundation that urges us to save on gas. They have a pdf with the history of CAFE standards in the US. The six reasons they give to encourage saving on gas are:

  • Reduce dependence on foreign oil
  • Save money at the pump
  • It is possible to gain fuel efficiency without sacrificing horsepower
  • Domestic automakers will benefit
  • Fuel efficiency does not have to reduce safety
  • Lower production of carbon dioxide

Speaking of US fuel efficiency, this link shows that China has published fuel economy standards that put it in third place globally, behind Japan and Europe. The US is falling further and further behind in this area. There can be *no* benefit in being one of the most gas guzzling among the developed nations.

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