Does your car burst into flames?

Yesterday during your daily commute some dip**** drinking coffee and talking on his cellphone ran into the back of your car at a red light...it was just a bump, no big deal right? But what if you knew that there was a risk of your car bursting into flames in your garage as a result of yesterday's fender bender?

It sounds pretty hysterical but that's the way the media is portraying the Chevy Volt.

What really happened is that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration did a pretty thorough crash test -the battery pack was penetrated 5 inches during the "crash" followed by a 360ยบ rollover. Then the car was shoved into storage for a week without any discharging of the battery or repairs to the coolant leakage....Would you put a car in your garage if it was leaking gasoline and brake fluid?

CEO Dan Akerson put it this way: He insisted that the cars are safe and that the fires happened only after extreme tests.

If there are any Volt owners out there that won't rest easy they can get a loaner car or even ask GM to buy back their car...maybe they can trade it in for a Nissan Leaf. After all according to the National Fire Protection Association during 2010, there were 184,500 fires among all the vehicles on the road in the US. Most of that was from liquid fuel.

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