The Aptera Guided Tour

The Aptera is a highly aerodynamic electric powered vehicle made from lightweight composites. It is designed from the ground up to be a gas sipper. The Aptera is built like an aircraft rather than a normal car or truck. That includes careful attention to safety. The Aptera has crumple zones, airbags and hardening against side impacts. The Aptera is a tricycle wheeled vehicle. That was done to reduce the contact area of the wheels with the ground, which reduces rolling resistance. The Aptera also boasts solar powered air conditioning. That is a little less energy that you would otherwise have to load into the batteries. The use of carbon fiber composites lets the Aptera get away with about half the weight of a typical car. Composites also permit the construction of the sleek aerodynamic body. The same body built of steel would be much more expensive. The composites don't sacrifice on strength: they are 10 times stronger than typical car steel.

The video gives you a guided tour of an Aptera. Take the tour and then plug in an Aptera and save on gas!

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