Tonneau Covers Help Pickups Save Gas

For about $600 you can install a hard fiberglass tonneau cover on your pickup. Tonneau covers improve pickup aerodynamics so you will see a drop in your fuel consumption. Especially if you frequently drive at highway speeds. This is because at higher speeds aerodynamic drag becomes more and more important. If you are used to taking your pickup with an open bed up to speed on the highway, you could easily find yourself saving back the $600 investment in less than a couple of years.

The video shows the steps involved in the installation of a hard tonneau cover. As you can see it is basically simple. Clean the cover off, apply alcohol to the rails and corners to prepare it for some protective waterproofing tape and then apply the tape. The tape is basically a seal. Then it is a matter of tightening down some C-clamps, brackets and bolts. Done! Something simple and cheap to do can make a noticeable difference in your pickup's gas mileage. So go ahead, install a tonneau cover and save on gas!

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