A Pantry Can Save on Gas

Remember those not so far gone years when everybody kept a well stocked pantry? Or a shelf or two of preserves in the basement? Keeping a stock of food can help you save on gas by reducing the miles you drive. If you find yourself going to the store every day to pick up a couple of things you will rack up the odometer pretty fast, burning gas while you do it. Consider instead going shopping less frequently and buying more. Make one big grocery run every week, or even every couple of weeks.

Maintaining a store of food and other consumibles in your house has gone out of fashion in today's just in time world. But it brings more benefits than just reducing gas usage. You will save on time too. All of those "convenience" trips add up to more time than one big monthly run. And you will always have an emergency supply. For those unpredictable times when something happens, like a big storm or the power system goes down you will be ready.

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