Electric Bikes

We are in the age of electronic mail and electronic books, so it is no surprise to hear about an electric bicycle. Electric bicycles are normal bikes outfitted with a battery and an electric motor. This motor can propel the bicycle by itself or it can add an assist to pedal power. The extra weight of the batteries and electric motor does make it harder to pedal than a normal bike though. Such a bicycle can be completely recharged in two or three hours using a standard wall socket. If you are thinking of saving on gas by doing your commute on bicycle but have been turned off by hills in your area, an electric bicycle could be the solution. You can use the electric motor to give you an uphill assist.

If you do not want to buy an all new electric bicycle, there are kits which convert any ordinary bike to electric. They basically amount to the installation of an electric motor and battery. This video shows off the concept.

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