Fred Flintstone Saves on Gas

Remember Fred Flintstones' pedal powered stone age car? He would put his feet down through a hole in the cabin floor and run to get it going. It might have been stone age technology, but it didn't use a drop of gasoline. As our petroleum era starts to go into the decline phase, the circle has come around again. Just as the stone age cars of the imagined Flintstone past were, so will be the future: petroleum free. Bicycles are an excellent solution for individual personal neighborhood or short range travel.

The video shows a Flintstone style car that has been converted into a four place bicycle. Not very practical ... you would be much better off with a bicycle. You can use a freight bicycle or a bicycle trailer if you want to carry small loads. But it is amusing. Note how at the end of the video the police pull the contraption over. Although the video took place in Toronto, Canada that could be seen as a symbol of the US addiction to cars and oil consumption. The authorities slap down fun, innovative ways to save on gas even as GM and Ford are dying from their failure to adapt to the emerging expensive oil future.

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