How to Save Gas on Hills

One way to save some gas is to efficiently go up hills. The trick for fuel efficiency is to never accelerate up a hill. Instead, build up a little extra speed on the flat as you approach the hill. This way you will be accelerating on the level instead of accelerating against gravity. Then as you begin to climb the hill, allow your speed to drop away. You can recover the lost speed with the help of gravity while descending on the other side. Using this technique you will only accelerate on the level or with gravity, never against gravity.

The video demonstrates this technique. If you have a fuel economy gauge included in your dashboard or if you have added an after market one such as the ScanGauge you can directly see yourself that this technique works. For those without such a gas mileage gauge, the video will have to do. By the way, anyone interested in fuel economy should seriously consider getting a real time mileage readout instrument. The feedback is invaluable because without it you really have no way to know your current fuel consumption.

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