Some Gas Saving Humor

Here is a video compilation of a bunch of cartoons lamenting the high price of gas. Good for a chuckle or so. Just ignore the product promotion at the end; it is pushing a water for fuel scam. I like the cartoon where a father is walking his son to school. The father is saying that walking is not so bad; he used to walk miles as a boy. His son replies "so your parents couldn't afford gas either then". That reminds me of a saying which I have seen attributed to Saudi Arabia, which goes something like "My father rode a camel, I drive a car, my son flies a plane and my grandson will ride a camel". We can see the temporary lift oil can give to Saudi Arabia, but somehow we don't see it when it happens at home.

In the past, there was no oil production in the United States. As a result, personal transportation was difficult and time consuming. Only the wealthy could travel at will across the country. Then the oil age came along and cheap widely available personal transportation shrank the country for almost everybody. But in the future, oil production will inevitably decline, which could return us to the old situation, where transport is only available to the wealthy. The more we learn to save on gas, the further off that day will be.

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