Acetone for Better Mileage

Some people say that you can get better gas mileage by adding some acetone to your gas. When your car burns fuel, it is actually burning gasoline vapor, not liquid gasoline. If you have ever dropped a match into liquid gasoline, you have seen that the whole thing does not explode. Instead, your car combines gas vapors with oxygen from the air to form an explosive air-fuel mixture. Then a spark from the spark plug detonates this air-fuel mixture, which has enough explosive power to throw the piston up against all the load your car is putting on it.

The idea with acetone is that adding it to gas will make the gas vaporize better, reducing the amount of liquid gasoline droplets that may get into the cylinder helping generate a more complete burn. This will get you extra mileage.

In this video, Dr. vonHypermiler says he uses acetone with no harmful effects on his engine. He puts 2 ounces of pure acetone per 10 gallons of gas and gets savings on gas of 9.64% !

Watch his video and see what you think!

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