Gas Sipper Extraordinaire: 8,923 MPG

Can you imagine getting 8,923 miles per gallon?! That is enough to go around the entire planet Earth on about 3 gallons! The Microjoule is a French vehicle designed to run on normal gasoline. It was built as an entry in the 1985 Shell Eco-Marathon, which is a contest to see who can build the vehicle that gets the best gas mileage. It is a lightweight single-seater, so no carrying the kids and the groceries. You can see in the picture that it is about the size of a man. Kind of a driving coffin, if you want to look at the bad side of things.

The Microjoule has a reverse tricycle wheelbase. Three wheels with the point of the triangle towards the rear. No alien technology here, the secret to the unbelievable mileage is the clean aerodynamic shape. Three cheers for French technology! Now if only Detroit had half the brains of the French, maybe the US automakers would not be going down the crapper.

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