Think about the Price, not the Brand

Try not to think much about the brand when you fill up your gas tank. Look for the station offering the best value for your money. Remember that gas is a fungible commodity, which is econospeak meaning that gas is a widespread and interchangeable product. It really does not matter which brand you buy or what the logo on the pumping station sign is. All gasoline sold in the US must meet the basic standards set by the government. It is true that each brand might put in their own cocktail of chemical additives, but these additives are also government controlled. In fact, many gas stations will buy their gas from the same refinery no matter what the brand. Smaller cities might have only one refinery close by.

So to save on gas, think about value for your money and not brand loyalty. Remember that the brands are sure not loyal to you, so why should you be loyal to them? While you are thinking about value for your money, remember to include distance to the station. A station with cheap gas that is a distance away might cost you more after taking into account the gas you burn going there and back.

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