Update your Driving Habits

I am afraid that high and higher gas prices might be here to stay. The big gas price spike last year is past (thank goodness). Right now we still have $2.50 gas all around us, which is not like it used to be. So maybe it is time to think about our driving habits. We learned to drive in a time when gas prices were low enough that you really didn't think about it much. Now we have to relearn some basic habits so we can save on gas while driving.

How you brake can make a big difference in saving or wasting gas. Cars use more gas speeding up (accelerating) then when cruising at constant speed. When you are cruising steadily, the engine only has to burn enough gasoline to combat friction. But when you speed up, the engine has to both combat friction and generate enough extra power to up the speed. So to get better gas mileage, you have to keep the car going at a smooth, steady pace.

A lot of drivers alternately mash the accelerator pedal and the brake pedal. In a line of traffic, they move up to the car ahead, then brake and fall back. In reality, this is not necessary. Most of the time you can keep your position using only the accelerator. Just open up a little more space between you and the car ahead. Then keep watch not only the car right in front of you, but the action happening up front several cars away. Now you can see slowdowns coming, and instead of hitting the brake, just ease up a bit on the gas. I bet you can get 10% better gas mileage this way.

Try it and leave us a comment here on Save on gas telling how it works out for you!

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